Indonesian Water Sports To Try on Vacation

Indonesian Water Sports To Try on Vacation

Indonesia is a beautiful country in the Southeast part of Asia composed of multiple islands. Where there are islands, there is water of course. It would come to no surprise water sports in Indonesia would be a must to try when vacationing to one of the many islands.

Whether fast paced or more relaxed, there is an activity for everyone on the trip. Here are eight water sport ideas for your trip to Indonesia.

One of the main attractions to Indonesia is the surfing. Surfers from around the world come to enjoy the clear blue water and big waves. Longboard surfing offers surfers the chance to catch a large wave while short boards give non-thrill seekers a tamer experience. There are many forms of surfing to try with guides offering rentals and training. Check out Kuta beach on Bali for the best waves.

Get a peek under the water’s surface while snorkeling above the tropical underwater landscape. Colorful corral and active marine life are a wonder to see in its natural habitat. The benefit of snorkeling versus scuba diving is not only the ease but the minimal gear needed as well. There is no need to get all geared up with an air tank strapped to your back. Grab a snorkel, goggles, and sense of exploration to see a whole new world under the surface.

Yes, that’s right. You can fly in a water propelled jet-pack over the beach. What an experience to have if you’re looking for the most extreme activity you could do in the water. Sit back in a chair and fly up to 16 feet in the air. Maybe the bike version is more of your style and you want to “cruise” the air. You can expect to fly around for 15-20 minutes.

Flying Fish boat ride
Relatively new, flying fish boat rides combine wake sliding and parasailing for a fast-paced airborne water ride. Unlike traditional tethered floats, flying fish floats are designed to be aerodynamic launching up like parasails but still managing to skip along the water all the while being pulled by speedboats. Grab a few friends and hang on!

Wake Sliding
Going airborne isn’t for everyone. In that case, stick with traditional wake sliding. Still fast-paced but without soaring the skies.

Wake sliding is for more than one person. Wakeboarding on the other hand is a solo adventure that has you hanging on one end of a rope while the other end is tied to a speedboat. There are many waves and obstacles to overcome as you barrel down the park designed for wakeboarding. You can always find beginner’s courses if you have never given this water sport a try.

Sea Walking
For the slowest pace of them all, there is sea walking. Specially designed helmets allow visitors to walk the bed of the ocean without full scuba gear. Guided tours include all gear and instructors that offer you fish food to feed the all the marine life you encounter.

Stand Up Paddle
Stand up paddling is a combination of kayaking and surfing. You control the pace of which you want to travel giving you the time needed to take in your surroundings on the beach. Surfers all agree that “SUP” is much easier than it looks. Climb on top specially designed boards that are large and steer with a paddle. Go wherever a surfboard can while controlling your speed.

Reserve your spot
Indonesia offers many more water sports but these seven are a must to experience while vacationing. It is best to reserve your spot in advance with guided tours to ensure you get to experience each activity with the help of trained people. Tourists flood the beaches each year so having your spot reserved is important. All water sports come with their risks. Guided tours are there to minimize that risk while additionally making sure you have the best experience possible.